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Usage guide

Open Hours/Reservation/Stay information/Equipment equipment/Accommodation contracts, etc.

Thank you for ordering SAKURAGAOKA PARK COTTAGE
Please use this usage guide page as a reference for reservations and departure preparations.
We hope that your stay in Karuizawa will be fun and memorable.

Open Hours

【Check In】From 15:00 to 18:00
If you arrive after 18:00, please let us know in advance if you wish to check in late at night.
We are ready and waiting.
【Check Out】10:30
【Reception office business hours】From 8:00 to 18:00
【Telephone reservation reception time】From 9:00 to 18:00

【Open Hours】
If you plan to stay longer than the period of use, please let us know in advance.
In addition, it may not be possible to extend depending on the reservation situation.
Please see the charge page for extension charges.
  • 【Reservation flow】

    You can make a reservation in the following three ways.
    • Telephone reservation
      (Reservation reception time:From 9:00 to 18:00)
      【Reservation established】When accepting a reservation by phone.
    • Internet reservation ①
      If you can't find plan the reservation system below,
      Long-term reservation,For reservations that wish to use multiple cottages, etc. Inquire below
      Please let us know your preference using the form.(It will be a return answer.)
    • Internet reservation ②
      Apply from the reservation system
      Please apply from the "Accommodation Reservation" system below.

    Cancellation fee/Deposit

    • *A cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation after the reservation is made.
      We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will deduct the remittance fee when refunding the prepayment you received after cancellation.

      ・From 30 days to 21 days prior:10% of the total accommodation price
      ・From 20 days to 8 days prior:30% of the total accommodation price
      ・From 7 days to 4 days prior:50% of the total accommodation price
      ・From 3 days to 1 days prior(The day before):70% of the total accommodation price
      ・On the day of reservation, no contact, no night:100% of the total accommodation price
    • Transfer of reservation fee (prepayment price)
      1. When the reservation is completed, the reservation fee (prepaid price, hereinafter referred to as the reservation fee).) Transfer form will be sent to you, so please send it by the due date.
      2. The reservation fee will be applied to the accommodation fee at approximately half of the accommodation fee.
      3. If you use the transfer form (post office transfer form) that we will send you, you can remit the transfer fee at the expense of this cottage.
  • 【Room rate table】

    This is the basic room rate table.Prices may vary depending on the accommodation plan
  • 【Before departure】

    • About the difference in climate
      Karuizawa is 900 to 1,000 meters above sea level, and sometimes the temperature can be 5 to 10 degrees Celsius different from Tokyo.
      Let's prepare clothes by referring to the weather forecast.
    • About procurement of ingredients
      There is a big supermarket, so all the ingredients are in time in Karuizawa
      There are also shops selling fresh vegetables, jams, ham, cheese, bread, etc., so I'm looking forward to visiting them.It's also a good souvenir.
      Seasonings are prepared as a supplement to the cottage.
    • About equipment
      SAKURAGAOKA COTTAGE has most of the equipment such as bedding, cooking utensils, and tableware, but please bring the following items.
      ① Towels (towels are available.)
      ② Pajamas
    • About pets
      Dogs, cats, etc. are not allowed.
      Pets in gauges such as small birds are allowed.
      Please contact us in advance.
  • 【Arrival】

    Please check in at the reception building (15: 00-18: 00).
    If you arrive after 18:00, please contact us in advance.
    At this time, we will explain the information during your stay.
    At the reception building, you can apply for tennis courts, rental equipment, and various information.
  • 【Stay】

    • ① Let's protect the quiet environment of Karuizawa
      The cottage is a detached house on a spacious site, but we ask for your cooperation so as not to bother other customers.
      ・Please refrain from loud noises and large fireworks and firecrackers other than those you have, day or night.
      ・Please finish barbecue, fireworks, etc. by 21:00.
      ・Please drive at the slowest speed in the park.
    • ② Please cooperate with fire precautions.
      ・Beware of gas and cigarette fires.
      ・Smoking is prohibited in the bedroom.
      ・Please use the heater according to the usage guide.
       Safe FF heating or central heating that does not pollute the indoor air.
    • ③ About the use of equipment and fixtures
      ・When checking out, please cooperate in organizing what you have used.
      ・Wash the used tableware back, put the Japanese futon in the closet, wipe off dirt and other parts, etc.
       This is common sense, so thank you.
      ・Please let us know if you have any special stains.

      *At this rental villa, we carefully re-clean and re-inspect tableware, cooking utensils, bedding, etc. when cleaning after check-out.
       Please use with confidence.
    • ④ Garbage disposal
      ・After a quick sort, put it under the green net at each cottage.
       Collection and processing will be done at this cottage.
      ・Please cooperate with "Karuizawa Town has a small environmental load".
    • ⑤ For staying guests
      Basically, we ask our customers for daily cleaning and tidying up during their stay.
      Linen (sheets and towels) will be changed for about 3 nights (twice a week for long-term stays) depending on the length of stay, and bed makeup will be done.
      Please understand that there is no discount if replacement is not required.

      There will be a charge for customers who wish, but please let us know as we accept exchanges other than the prescribed exchanges.
      We also offer cleaning of the cottage for a fee at the request of the customer.
      The charges are as follows.
      • Various charges

        Linen replacement

        (Bath towel and small towel:1 each):200 yen(1 pair)

        Sheets and pillowcases

        500 yen(1 pair)

        Cottage cleaning

        From 3,000 to 7,000 yen(Once)
    • ⑥ Let's cherish nature
      There is a spot-billed duck in the pond in the park.Especially in winter, the number is large.
      I love bread.Please tear it into small pieces and raise it a little.
      "How to get along with spot-billed ducks" is posted in the cottage.Please watch.

      Karuizawa has a catchphrase of rich nature,
      In recent years, with the progress of development, the Sakuragaoka has become valuable.
      Please refrain from collecting dark animals and plants.
  • 【Details of equipment】

    Details of the equipment and equipment provided in each cottage are posted.
    • Kitchen ①
      Rice bowl/Bowl/Curry plate/platter/Medium plate/Small plate/Teacup/teapot/Coffee cup/glass/Chopsticks/knife/fork
      (Tableware is prepared with a margin for the capacity.)

      【Cooking utensils】
      Frying pan / pots (large, medium and small: 1 each, large cottages have oversized pots) / balls (large, medium and small: 1 each) / drainer(Oonaka:1 each)

      【Kitchen accessories】
      Cutting board / Knife / Fruit knife / Can cut / Plug / Wine remover / Ladle / Slicer / Mana chopsticks / Rice scoop / Skinning / Grater / Measuring cup
    • Kitchen ②
      【Electrical appliances】
      refrigerator/rice cooker/microwave/Toaster oven/Ventilation fan/Gas range(Two mouths)/Fire extinguisher

      Kitchen detergent(2 types)/sponge/Scourer/Triangular corner/Dishwashing vat/Tableware drain basket

      soy sauce/salt/sugar(stick)/pepper/tea leaf
      (Seasonings are provided as a supplement.Please purchase the ones that are often used as ingredients.)
    • The bedroom
      【Western-style Room】
      Hotel bed/Duvet/pillow/Desk lamp/clothes hanger
      (Replaced with summer duvet in summer)

      【Japanese-style room】
      Down feather comforter/Wool or cotton mattress/mattress/pillow/clothes hanger
      (Replaced with summer duvet in summer)
    • Living-dining
      【Various furniture equipment】
      TV set/slipper/Entrance mat/Sofa or living chair/Dining table / chair
      (See each cottage page for details.)
    • bus/toilet/Washbasin
      2 types of towels(Bath towels / towels)/Bath mat/Undressing basket/Body Soap/Rinse in shampoo/Bath chair/Washbasin

      Flush toilet(Washlet)/toilet paper

      【Toilet supplies】
      Wash basin/hand soap/Hair dryer/Bath toilet cleaning tools / detergent
    • Cleaning tools
      【Cleaning tools】
      Vacuum cleaner/Broom/Knock/Rag
    • heating
      【Heating equipment】
      Heating system that does not pollute the air in the room
      FF heater or central heating
      Some building floor heating
    • Outdoor
      【Equipment / equipment】
      Outdoor barbecue table/bench/table/Clothesline/rod/pinch/Boiler for hot water supply/Boiler for heating

      【Laundry room】
      Laundry room is set up next to the reception building
      (Washing machine:3 units, 1 dryer)*Paid
    • Rental equipment, etc.
      【For cooking】
      A set of clay pot (sukiyaki pot) and cassette stove(Paid)

      【Bicycle rental】
      Arrange for a bicycle shop(Paid)